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Why Should You Eat Dates During Ramadhan

Hurray! The Holy Month of Ramadhan is here, and our Muslim brethren have started their fast. We must acknowledge that the Saum that accompanies the fasting period is not easy.

One must eat healthily to make it to the end of the Holy Month. One of the healthy foods that keep people going during the fast is dates, and the following are the reasons you should eat them during Ramadhan.

1. They Contain A Lot of Sugar

For those us who have studied biology know that our bodies require food for energy. Fasting disrupts the efficacy of energy absorption. Therefore, we should eat food that will give our bodies enough energy regardless of the disruption.

Now, dates have sugar, and sugar equals energy. The sugar we consume from eating dates will help you recover the energy you lost when you were fasting.

2. They Are a Balanced Diet

Imagine you have to assemble different foods to have a balanced diet. How tiring can that be, considering you have had a long fast?

Well, dates help you solve your nutritional problem. They are rich in fats, proteins, vitamins, and carbohydrates. So, you can comfortably eat dates and save the time you would have used to assemble different foods to attain a balanced diet.

3. They Are Rich in Fibre

You definitely do not wish to constipate, especially after fasting for the entire day. Well, dates have got you covered because they are rich in fiber that facilitates the smooth movement of your bowel.

4. They Are Rich in Minerals

Apart from nutrients, you will need minerals for energy. Dates are rich in potassium, minerals responsible for strong muscles. You will need strong muscles to keep you going with your daily chores, even when you are fasting.



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