King Kaka Responds to Allegations That He Fathered His HouseHelp’s Son

King Kaka and his family have been on the spot since his wife, Nana Owiti, introduced their house-help and her son to the media.

Netizens were happy to see that Nana had a wonderful relationship with her nanny, a rare occasion in many Kenyan homes.

However, they could not help notice that the nanny’s son resembled Nana’s lastborn son. The boys resemble King Kaka and speculations that King Kaka had fathered the nanny’s son started.

What made the speculations seem so true was the fact that King Kaka cheated on Nana a while back with fellow singer Sage. The relationship with Sage produced a daughter, who is Nana’s first daughter’s age.

The speculations intensified, forcing Nana to come out to defend her husband that the father of the nanny’s son is totally a different man. She even brought the nanny to her Motherhood 101 show, where she disclosed how the man who impregnated her never took his responsibilities seriously.

As expected, netizens were not convinced as they thought Nana was standing for her husband as it was when he cheated on her.

Netizens have always been on her case, particularly when she posts photos of her children and the nanny’s son.

Finally, King Kaka has come out to respond to the speculations.

Speaking with Kalondu Musyimi at his Itel ambassadorial launch event, King Kaka claimed he, too, does not understand why the nanny’s son resembles his son and him.

He explained that the nanny has been working for them since his firstborn with Nana was born. Thus, she had become their family.

He argued that the possible reason for her son to resemble his is that they have grown up together (You ever heard of the notion that people, including strangers, begin to look alike after they live together for long!).

He accused netizens of creating non-existent stories, and rumors that he fathered the nanny’s son are baseless.

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