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Why Comedian Jalang’o hides his three kids from Social Media

Media personality with a lot of experience Despite his renowned position, Felix Odiwuor aka Jalang’o has revealed why he keeps his three children hidden from the public view.

The politician stated in an interview with Ayo TV that he does not want to subject his children to unwelcome trolls and scrutiny simply because he is a public person.

“Niko na Mtoto mmoja na aliyekuwa girlfriend wangu wa Kwanza…kisha na mke wangu tuko na watoto wawili.

Lakini huwa sipendi sana kuongea juu ya Familia alafu watoto wenye hakuna hata mtu ameshawahi kuwaona mtandaoni.

Sitaki mtu anze kuangalia ooh huyu ni mtoto wa Jalang’o lazima atritiwe different. Hiyo hapana. Akiamua siku moja … unajua kuna watu wengi wananipenda na kuna watu wengi wanakuchukia. So sometimes unapost mtoto pale watu wanaanza kum-troll. Unajua the internet is not a safe place” said Jalang’o.”

Why Comedian Jalang’o hides his three kids from Social Media

The comedian got his first born daughter named Salika a.ka. Sally with Cheptoek Boyo, a journalist. In a separate statement, Jalang’o said that nowadays he doesn’t post his children on social media, expressing regret for exposing his daughter a few years ago.

“I actually regret posting my daughter on social media. One, I don’t know if that is what she would have liked, two, for her privacy’s sake and three I don’t want people, her teachers to treat her differently cause she is Jalang’o’s daughter,” he said.

In January, 2021, Jalang’o said that he has a son with wife Amina Chao after keeping it under wraps for years, revealing he gave him a Muslim name.

Why Comedian Jalang’o hides his three kids from Social Media

“My son is called Jamail Edward.. Jamil is his name because my wife is Muslim. I said just this one time lets have his name be Jamail, and kila mtu amekuwa akisema patia bibi mimba, patia bibi mimba, tulifunga hiyo mambo kitambo, only that I don’t post my children on social media”


I used to tell him my name is Felix Odiwuor Otuchi, but he said Dad you are just Odiwuor where does Otuchi come from, I tell him it’s from my Dad. My Dad is called Edward Otuchi, he told me can I call myself Otuchi because you seem to be so proud of your Dad. I said yes, why not, then he told me can I spice it up, and now he calls himself King Otuchi,” explained Jalang’o.



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