“Kama si wewe, singefika hapa” – Akothee celebrates ex-lover Nelly Oaks in sweet message

Kenyan artist and businesswoman Esther Akothee has left netizens stunned after she celebrated her ex-boyfriend’s birthday even though she’s now a married woman.

On July 7th, Akothee had posted a photo of Nelly rocking a navy blue suit paired with a sky blue shirt accompanied by a grey pattern tie.

In the photo, Nelly is smiling broadly as he poses.

In the caption for the picture, the mom of 5 profusely thanked Nelly for the role he’d played in her career.

“Yes, today we celebrate Dr. Hezekiah Nelson Oyugi H.N.OA very humble being. Thank you very much for the part you played in my entire life and my career 💪 it’s only the two of us who knows how we got The brand where it is

Thank you very much for being there when the world looked like blood inside the darkness. Thank you for wiping my tears, standing with me when baby daddies ganged up against me in Switzerland 😭😭😭, that was UGLY 🙏 You stood by Me 🙏,” part of her lengthy caption read.

She went on to reassure Nelly that her kids still value him and the bond he created with them remains.

She went on to reassure Nelly that her kids still value him and the bond he created with them remains.

“Remember The billionaire telling me to stop music ,delete my YouTube channel ,delete my social media Accounts and stay at home 🤔

You stood firm to convince him that the brand will soon make its own money it’s not a waste of time nor waste of money, Again Thank you for believing in me 💪You protected me and the brand Like we were twins .

You are still in the hearts and in the minds of my children, you created a bond with them and still take care of them in that Toxic Nairobi 💪 you are family 🙏. For those who don’t know ,we share a strong family background & that nothing can break us,” Akothee revealed.

Finishing up she wrote;

“If it was not for maandamano,I would have joined you in celebrating you today , I asked Omosh for permission already 🙏Anyone touching you ,must kill me first. I can write a whole book of gratitude, just for you to know that your are valued , cherished , respected & loved , walk with your head high, because you are the pride of Kamagambo.

Actually I would endorse you for Rongo Mp 2027 if I knew shit about politics. But hey not my cup of tea 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 do your businesses & enjoy your life live a life that will give you happiness & peace ✌️HAPPY BIRTHDAY @nellyoaks,” the last of her post read.

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