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Meet Mzee Jackson Kibor’s 4 Wives, 21 Children, 5 prodigal sons

Jackson Kiprotich Kibor passed away yesterday at St Luke’s hospital in Eldoret at the age of 89, according to his family.

Much has been said about the late Mzee Kibor, but did you know the controversial businessman had four wives?

In numerous media interviews, Kibor revealed he had twenty-one children and four prodigal sons.

Jackson Kiprotich Kibor and his young wife Eunita

Mzee Kibor’s Four Wives

In 2010, Mary Kibor, his first wife, passed away.

Mary had a total of nine children, two of whom died as infants. Mary used to spend her time at Kitale on her husband’s farm.

Kibor later married his second wife, Josephine Jepkoech, and they divorced after 52 years.

In February 1965, the tycoon married Jepkoech. Kibor’s first wife, Mary, resided with Jepkoech for ten years before transferring to another property in Kitale that she had acquired.

On Kipkabus farm, Jepkoech stayed with her children.

“This is the place mzee brought me as his second wife when I was barely 18 years and the pretty face you see on the photos across the living room, has gradually developed wrinkles during my stay here where I have submitted as a faithful wife,” Jepkoech said

Jepkoech gave birth to eight children, however Kibor felt one of them was not his.

Kibor married his third wife, Naomi Jeptoo, in 1975, and the two had six children together, one of whom died.

Naomi is still on Kibor’s Kabenes farm, despite Kibor’s divorce in December 2018.

Kibor used to reside in Kebenes with Jeptoo and her six sons before the marriage fell apart.

Following their bitter divorce in 2018, the elderly farmer and politician began claiming that his boys and their mother were leasing his land to strangers.

Jackson Kibor

Kibor later married Eunita Kibor, his fourth wife, who was nearly 40 years his junior. We used to live in Chepkoilel’s house, but we moved to Kabenes.

Yunita is the mother of four children. Elders and people he referred to as “Kibor-haters” criticized Kibo’s marriage to Eunita, but he ignored them.

“Yunita has taken good care of me in my sunset years and I don’t regret my decision. She
made me feel younger and more energetic,” Kibo revealed.

Rest in peace Legend Mzee Kibor!



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