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List of foods to eat to relieve menstruation pain

We’re all too familiar with stomach cramps, irrational appetites, and mood swings. While science has yet to uncover a treatment for PMS, health experts believe that by making some dietary changes, you can completely modify your premenstrual experience.

So, the next time you’re on your period, instead of reaching for that chocolate or ice cream, as tempting as it may be, reach for a healthier option, even if it’s a significant test of willpower.

The good news is that making healthy dietary changes during your periods can help you control some of your worst menstrual symptoms.

1. Leafy greens, protein and fiber

Spinach/skuma is filled with Iron liver and beef too. Iron diet helps restore the iron you lose with amount of blood you lose. If you do not replenish, you can be iron deficient which may lead you getting anemia. Same to a beef diet. High fiber vitamin B and E found in whole wheat meals can help with digestive issues often associated with your menstrual cycle.

2. Fresh fruits and water

Fruits reduce water retention i.e Oranges and Watermelon. Calcium in oranges and Vitamin D make PMS less intense. Watermelons aside from water are rich in fiber which helps cut out bloating. There’s also bananas which are rich in vitamin B6, magnesium and potassium, Please, please do not forget to drink plenty of water- you lose lots of fluids.

3. Black tea

Sturungi helps relieve muscle spasms and reduce tension that leads to anxiety and irritability. Don’t reach for that Drinking Chocolate cup or coffee. Take Black tea.

4. Chocolate

Chocolate is good, it’s antioxidants reduces your mood swings. It’s the happy to-go-to snack. But dark chocolate is what you should eat. Not milk chocolate or chocolate cake. High percentage of dark chocolate the better.



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