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‘Kwani tuliachana?’ Nadia Mukami Asks Arrow Bwoy

Kenyan songstress Nadia Mukami has once again raised eyebrows among her fans after questioning Arrow Bwoy if they are still together.

The rumor that was going around recently was that Arrow Bwoy and Nadia Mukami weren’t getting along.

This notion was exacerbated by the fact that not only had Arrow deleted photographs of Nadia from his Instagram page, but the two had also failed to celebrate Valentine’s Day together.

Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy

Nadia denied any break-up allegations last week, but it appears that a recent statement of hers may reopen the floodgates of conjecture.

The ‘Wangu’ singer was spotted commenting on a live broadcast where her boyfriend Arrow Bwoy was interacting with fans about his new album, ‘Focus.’

Nadia used her verified Instagram account to question her lover why he had erased her photographs from his page. “Mbona ulifuta photos of Nadia kwani”

The two are rumoured to be expecting a child together-This according to former Kiss100 radio host, Jalang’o who had an intimate dinner with the two late last year at his home.



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