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“I will make music profitable” Ezekiel Mutua pledges as he takes role as MCSK CEO

Ezekiel Mutua, the new CEO of the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK), has announced areas on which he will focus when he begins his duties.

Dr. Mutua pledged to ensure that music is once again beneficial for artists, as well as to improve the quality of Kenyan music.

“I will make music profitable” Ezekiel Mutua pledges as he takes role as MCSK CEO

He also stated that he will seek to restore the music industry’s lost splendor, which had been neglected in the past.

“To all Kenyan musicians, my message is simple: I will work for you and with you to make music profitable and meaningful. I will fight for you, defend your rights and put conversations about music at the front table like I did with film,” he said.

“Together we shall raise the quality of Kenyan music and restore the lost glory of the industry. I am your champion. In more progressive countries musicians are among the richest and most respected people in society. It can and will happen in Kenya too!

“MCSK belongs to musicians and my brief is therefore to fight for your welfare. I appeal for your support as we begin the journey of reviving and repositioning this great industry.”

Some performers were outspoken in their opposition to Dr. Mutua’s appointment.

Bien Barasa, a member of the Sauti Sol group, said that Dr Mutua had done little for the film sector, where he also worked.

Eric Omondi, a comedian, compared his position to taking a step back in the music industry.

Dr. Mutua has had a tense relationship with local artists. He’s had so many encounters with them that many people think of him as a villain.

He championed for clean content throughout his stint as CEO of the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB).

Comedian Omondi is one of the performers who has had a tense relationship with Dr. Mutua.



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