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‘Aliachwa Na Bibi!’ – Eric Omondi Reveals Butita Was Dumped By Mammito

Comedian Eric Omondi has thrown his friend and director Eddie Butita under the bus.

In an exclusive interview with local media, Eric revealed that Eddie Butita was dumped by his lady.

Eddie Butita and Mammito Eunice. Image: Courtesy

He explained that they are good friends with the comedian, and they talk regularly talk on the phone, more so now that he is not in a relationship.

“We talk on the phone, like now there is something big happening on 9th February…so we talk on the phone, najua ako busy, aliachwa an bibi…ni mtu pia anapitia vitu zake. So we don’t meet a lot, sometimes he calls me…gives me ideas and I add some meat to it,” Eric Omondi said.

His revelation follows reports that Butita is no longer an item with his long-term girlfriend, Mammito Eunice.

The comedian further detailed that Butita has been writing many of his scripts, but then he can be so boring.

“Butita writes scripts but his work is boring Everything you see on Wife Material is scripted by Eddie Butita. But anything you see interesting has been spiced by Eric Omondi. Butita is too professional,” he said.

Watch Eric Omondi’s video below.



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