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Hafsa Mohamed – My friend was the mastermind in my kidnap

A woman who went missing for 5 days, Hafsa Mohamed Lukman revealed how her friend lured her to the kidnappers.

Hafsa Lukman said her friend Hafsa Abdi visited her shop and asked her to accompany her to Kayole where she allegedly sold watermelons.

CCTV footage showed the two women leaving the shop at around 4:44 pm. The woman suspected to have masterminded the kidnapping Hafsa Abdulwahab signalled a man sitting at a bench near the shop before they walked out.

“She was my friend, though not a very close one, who led me to the kidnapping trap. She asked me to accompany her to Kayole where her other shop is located,” Hafsa Lukman said.

“She told me she had a store in Kayole, where she was selling watermelon but when we got there, there was nothing apart from sawdust scattered all over,” she added.

Hafsa Lukman said her prayers at the store and then saw two men approaching her inside the store. They attacked her and put sawdust in her mouth before covering her head with tape.

“When I finished my prayers, I saw two gigantic men approaching me and immediately they started beating me up. My friend was watching all this while,” Hafsa Lukman stated.

“I trusted her and was always there when she needed me. I just want justice served for what they put me through. I am so happy they have been arrested,” she added.

On Sunday, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations announced the arrest of the two main suspects behind the kidnapping and torture of Hafsa Mohamed Lukman.

In a statement, the two Jackson Njogu, 24, and Hafsa Abdi, 21 were arrested on Sunday by detectives from the Crime Research and Intelligence Bureau and Special Service Unit in Kinangop.



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