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Kenyan Leaders respond to King Kaka’s hard-hitting ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’

KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua and rapper King Kaka [Photo: Instagram @dr.ezekielmutua/thekingkaka]

The Kenya Film and Classification Board (KFCB) will not crack down on rapper King Kaka over his Wajinga Nyinyi masterpiece that on Saturday, December 14 offered a rare commentary on corruption and other vices bedevilling Kenya.

According to KFCB boss Dr Ezekiel Mutua, King Kaka enjoys the fruits of Kenya’s growing and vibrant democracy that he said are not hanging low in neighbouring Uganda and Rwanda.

Dr Mutua, instead, urged Kenyans to reflect on the message in the poetic piece that has rattled the political class and pricked the conscience of the nation.

He further directed those affected to seek redress in court as KFCB will not interfere with Wajinga Nyinyi’s production.

“King Kaka’s “Wajinga Nyinyi” new release is evidence that we are a free country. He has used his creative licence to prick our conscience. Anyone defamed can seek legal redress, but as a Board, we will not interfere with the production.

“Let people reflect on the message, but the fact that the rapper can do such production and walk scot-free is evidence that our democracy has come of age. Try that in Uganda or Rwanda and things will be different!” He stated on Facebook.

King Kaka [Photo: Instagram @thekingkaka]

A nod for the self-styled Swahili Shakespeare who had hours earlier asked for protection following pressure from unnamed quarters.

A threat he had foreseen and cemented in the song, “Wakinisnipe tonight si mnajua ni kwa nini. Nitakufia watu mi siogopi mimi.”

In Wajinga Nyinyi, King Kaka fiercely calls out Kenyans and uncompromisingly highlights their perceived stupidity and hypocrisy when dealing with pertinent issues fracturing the society.

A position supported by Alliance of Real Change party leader Mwalimu Mohammed Abduba Dida.

“Kenya has about 50 million citizens and less than 2,000 elective positions. Ironically, when Kenyans get the opportunity to vote, they always pick the worst possible choices then spend the following five years crying. #WajingaNyinyi is a good piece of activist art. Thank you.”

Wavinya Ndeti was, however, not having it and through her Press Team accused King Kaka of character assassination.

“King Kaka must be called out, you cannot abuse elected leaders simply because you want to seek relevance, we must draw the line on content creation. You can actually pass your message without dragging anyone disrespectfully,” tweeted the former Kathiani MP.

Other leaders and personalities who shared their sentiments in the trend #WajingaNyinyi, Boniface Mwangi had to say this:

Lawyer Miguna Miguna who tweeted:



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