Why Jowie Irungu’s sentencing has been pushed to next week

The court postponed Joseph aka Jowie Irungu, also known as Jowie,’s sentencing on Friday, so he will know his fate by Wednesday of the following week.

After determining that important documents that would have helped the court make a final decision in the case had been filed after the deadline, Lady Justice Grace Nzioka rendered the decision.

Following Jowie’s conviction for Monica’s murder, the High Court was scheduled to sentence him on Friday.

He was convicted of the murder last month.

His co-accused and ex-fiancĂ©e Jacque Maribe was let off the hook. Maribe was acquitted based on the prosecution’s failure to place her at the scene of the crime, according to Justice Grace Nzioka.

The two were jointly facing the murder charges.

Justice Grace Nzioka in her ruling in February said the prosecution had proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Jowie murdered Monica Kimani.

“The death occurred, cause of the death, the first accused committed the offence. It was not a case of homicide but unlawful. I find Jowie guilty as charged herein of the offence of murder,” she said.

Justice Grace Nzioka said the prosecution has adduced sufficient evidence and it had met the threshold.

“The person who killed the deceased did not intend to give her even one minute to survive. It is my considered opinion and finding that the perpetrator intended instant death,” she said.

Nzioka said the first accused person had a ‘know-how on how to kill’.

She added that Jowie also knew Monica Kimani before her death.

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