“So many women are in my inbox begging me to impregnate them” – Mulamwah

Mulamwah rebuffed women who were camping in his direct message and pleading with him to father their child.

The father of two children claims that the women have pledged to take care of their own children and not to bother him with parenting.

‘Sina Mimba ingine’ he warned the ladies.

The content creator welcomed a son with his bae Ruth K, last in February, 2024.

Mulamwah shared the exciting news along with their son’s name, introducing him on Instagram as @oyando_jnr, affectionately known as Kalamwah.

“GOD IS GREAT, finally our boy is here, the heir is here, the KING is here – @oyando_jnr, aka Kalamwah. Welcome. Welcome to the world, my son; it’s the best feeling to finally see and hold you. I can’t wait for us to grow and make memories together,” Mulamwah expressed his joy.

He also conveyed a heartfelt message to Ruth K after the delivery, saying, “Thanks for standing by my side always. I feel whole again, I feel restored. I am happy, families are now happy, the whole world is happy.

Wishing you a long and healthy life, my boy, and all the best the world has to offer. Baraka tele. Welcome KALAMWAH!! Long live Oyando ♥️ @oyando_jnr.”

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