KRG The Don finally gifts Stevo Simple Boy 5K after calling him a Scarecrow

Dancehall artist KRG The Don has recently announced that he has reconciled with upcoming artist Stevo Simpleboy and is now willing to support his growth in the music industry.

The two had been in a feud since last year, when Simpleboy made derogatory remarks about KRG’s song ‘Mambo Imechemka’, claiming that he was unfamiliar with Bughaa and had never listened to any of his music.

KRG took to his social media platforms to share a short video of his interaction with Stevo, which took place after former Starehe Member of Parliament Jaguar arranged a meeting between the two artists.

KRG The Don
KRG The Don

In the video, Stevo expressed that he had been influenced by his management to throw insults at KRG in order to gain attention. He sincerely apologized for his previous words and acknowledged the clout-chasing behavior.

Furthermore, Stevo disclosed that he had been signed by renowned artist Charles Njagua Kanyi, also known as Jaguar, under his Main Switch production record label.

To conclude the meeting on a positive note, KRG presented Stevo with a generous gift of Sh. 5000, symbolizing his forgiveness for the hurtful words exchanged and emphasizing that there is no animosity between them.

He also advised him to be weary of the company he keeps as many people wanted to make money through he then leave him in the dust and said people would always share bad business advise with him as they are fraudsters out for their own gain.

Captioning the video KRG went on to write: “I finally met Stivo Simple Boy kumbe you guys wanted me to beat him bure tu!!!! Yeye Hana maneno na MSANII WA RAIS KABISA!!!!

From now onwards we are friends and you guys should support his hustle hadi akue stable truly👊,”

Krg the Don’s beef with fellow musician Stevo Simple Boy

Few months ago, Krg the Don’s beef with fellow musician Stevo Simple Boy escalated as the controversial rapper called him scarecrow.

"Sura yako inatisha sana!" - Krg the Don hits back at Stivo Simple Boy
“Sura yako inatisha sana!” – Krg the Don hits back at Stivo Simple Boy

Krg the Don caused a sensation online when he chose to start a feud with Stivo Simple Boy who is known for his humility.

Once the singer started hitting on him, Krg the Don made the decision to bodily shame Simple Boy.

Speaking in an interview with Nicholas Kioko, Krg the Don called him an ‘ugly scarecrow’.

“Sura yako inatisha sana wewe Simple, kuji-compare na handsome boy kama mimi. Labda nikupeleke kwa shamba yangu huko nikuvalishe kanga ukuwe kama scarecrow kwa sababu sura inatisha sana…usijaribu,’ he fired back.

Lately, KRG has faced a backlash online with many Kenyans claiming they know none of his songs although he poses as an artist.

Some advised him to embrace comedy because that is what he has been doing in the recent days instead of releasing songs.

Addressing the matter, KRG said that his enemies were not sleeping and were behind the narrative.

“People are saying that I am a comedian. My brothers, you have danced to my music, how many of you have danced to my songs? I know my enemies are not sleeping, I am also not sleeping. I know it is Dufla, Kiddo and Casipool who are paying them. That is there work in town,” Krg told content creators a few days ago.

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