“Wananitumia picha kwa inbox!” – MC Jessy brags about giving Gen Z ladies sleepless nights

In a recent January 23 interview with a local media outlet, MC Jessy lightheartedly revealed how Gen Z women approach him in public and ask for selfies.

He chuckled, saying, “Wacha nikuambie Gen Z’s wameniamulia, they are like, ‘Hi Jessy, can I take a selfie with you?’ Tumeniekea picha huko kwa inbox, ni vile siwezi waonyesha.”

MC Jessy humorously discussed the evolution of nicknames he receives from Gen Z fans, noting that they affectionately refer to him as “mbaba.”

He found it amusing since he had always looked forward to the name.

“Nilikuwa nimengoja sana kuitwa mbaba anyways. Wananiita mbaba. Alafu vile mi hutesa kwa IG, hata mi natamani kujiita mbaba.”

Detailing his encounters with Gen Z admirers, MC Jessy highlighted that they often stop him in bars to express their appreciation.

MC Jessy brags about giving Gen Z ladies sleepless nights
MC Jessy brags about giving Gen Z ladies sleepless nights

He recounted, “Gen Z’s huwa wananisimamisha sana kwa baro… Eti sasa, aki wewe unanichekeshanga. They greet me a lot. Alafu kwa DM, kwanza Instagram… Wacha tu!”

Sharing a hilarious incident, he recalled a day at Adams Arcade when he received a compliment he wasn’t familiar with.

“There was a day I was walking at Adams Arcade. So niko hapo hivo at some restaurant and then nikaskia, ‘Hey MC Jessy, wewe ni ‘peng’. I didn’t even know what that meant but then akaniambia tena wewe ni pengting. I had to google the meaning,” he said.

The comedian thanked his audience for the change in support and mentioned that he used to be active on Facebook, where he would argue with older women.

Concluding his thoughts on Gen Z, MC Jessy expressed his affection for the younger generation, extending heartfelt wishes, saying, “Gen Z’s manze mi nawapenda. Nawaombea mpate pesa, mtoboe mpaka msikue na wababa.”

What Jessy values in a woman

On what turns him on in a woman, Jessy highlighted his preference for intimacy and described himself as a sapiosexual, someone who is attracted to intelligence and finds it a turn-on.

“Mimi ni sapiosexual. nikikuambia aki beb kuna story inanistress out alafu unaniambia sasa utado?, we are done. Nichanganye kidogo, nipe solutions.

Jessy then delved into his past, revealing that he had experienced a profound romantic relationship.

He likened it to Jada Pinkett Smith’s relationship with the late Tupac, emphasizing the deep connection he felt with his significant other. This connection almost led him to believe that they were soulmates.

However, the relationship ended, leaving him with a heartbreak. Jessy learned that character development was something that occurred within a relationship.

Despite the pain he experienced, Jessy noted that time is a healer. He accepted the fact that his former partner wouldn’t return, even though at the time, it was a bitter pill to swallow.

“Kwanza nilikuwa napendana na mtu kama huyo. Alinipiga character development. Tulikuwa tu na issues zetu kidogo kidogo, then nilikuwa nadhani mi ndo yule msee.

The breakup had a painful twist. After parting ways, Jessy’s ex-partner started traveling, which deeply affected him.

“Alafu sasa kitu ilikuwa inahappen na huyu mrembo, ile time tulikuwa naye hakuwa na story mob. Ile time aliniacha akaanza kutaravel. Iliniuma!” he said.

“Hiyo time Hussein Mohamed alikuwa ameshika. Nikatengeneza parody account ya Hussein Mohamed 254. Nikaeka picha yake, nikakuwa nastalk huyu dem huko,” he said.

Jessy also discussed a significant milestone in his career. He reminisced about the first time he earned a substantial amount of money.

The journey began with an advertisement acting role where he portrayed a pilot for Panadol Extra. The audition was a revelation, and he decided to give it a try. After securing the role, he earned a paycheck of Shs160,000, a substantial sum for him at the time.

Jessy’s patience was tested as he awaited his payment, which took 45 days to arrive. With his earnings in hand, he walked to Rehema House in Nairobi and opened his first-ever bank account with Equity Bank.

After making the necessary deposits, he felt a sense of stability and even treated himself to a meal of full chicken, sausage, and a Fanta soda.

“The firts one nilifanya advert ya kuact kama pilot. Ilikuwa ya Panadol Extra. Niliskia tu watu wanaenda audition. Nikapleka Pastor alikuwa ananipea suti.

This particular advertisement for Panadol Extra was a significant turning point in Jessy’s career. The exposure he gained from it was tremendous, and it helped him become a recognised figure in the entertainment industry.

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