Nitawapeleka court! Vera Sidika threatens to sue bloggers

Vera Sidika, a socialite and mother of two, has announced her intention to sue people and blogs that have circulated untrue information about her.

The explosive declaration follows a recent deceptive story written by a local blogger, which claimed the controversial socialite was vacationing in Dubai at the invitation of a covert Russian millionaire.

“Who sent you the news? Why did you post it without evidence? Does it mean someone just wakes up and can write to you whatever and you will post?” she asked.

Vera Sidika denied the allegations and confronted the blogger for publishing the unverified story without any evidence.

In her impassioned response to the blogger, Vera expressed her displeasure at the potential repercussions such false stories can have on people’s lives.

“You create this whole thing to make me look like a hoe. Do you know how much trouble that could be?” Vera said through her Insta stories.

The controversial blogger subsequently issued an apology for the misinformation, a move that prompted Vera to issue a stern warning to bloggers who engage in publishing unfounded content.

Vera announced she would take legal action against any blog that propagated lies about her without evidence.

“From today, any blog that writes lies and fabricated stories about me, you better have proof for the claims or we’re going to court,” Vera asserted, reinforcing her commitment to holding the media accountable for their reporting.

Vera Sidika also addressed the toxicity of online judgment, stating,

“They are too quick to judge me and want to forcefully drag everyone in my bs. Please, if you have to abuse or call anyone names, let it be me. Leave everyone else out.”

The mother of two flew to Dubai on holiday in August, and her latest post have since been making headlines.

Vera is married to famed Mombasa based musician Brown Mauzo. The couple is blessed with two children.

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