Easy Coach suspends ban on fish transportation after complains

The restriction on carrying fried, dried, smoked, and salted fish aboard Easy Coach buses has been repealed.

The corporation claimed in a statement that the decision was made in response to customer complaints.

“The suspension has been lifted and you can now carry omena, mbuta, ngege, kamongo and mbuta only as accompanied luggage on our buses on condition that it is appropriately packed,” the statement read.

Earlier, through a notice to all the branch managers, the company gave details as to why it has imposed the ban only saying this has been a source of “heartache” among its clients.

“We wish to inform you that with immediate effect fish and products thereof are all forbidden on all Easy Coach limited transport systems whether accompanied or by parcels,” the notice reads.

The notice dated August 11, according to the Company’s technical director ZK Juma, takes effect immediately with all users being asked to comply with it.

“It is hoped that you will cooperate with the directive to forestall related complications.,” it adds.

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