Aliosha mubaba! Adhis Jojo admits eating Sh700k from her Ex

Adhis Jojo, a comedian and content producer, vehemently refuted her ex’s claim that she chose him Sh 700k offer.

This was disclosed by the humorous woman in an interview with Milele FM’s Ankali Ray, who had enquired for her perspective on the situation.

“Kama unadate mtu na anaspend on you, hiyo ni kukula pesa yake? What is Ksh 700,000? Yawa, wanaume wananunulia warembo nyumba za Ksh 3.1 million na hawajawaisema. And that coming from a Luo man, don’t you think anajaribu kuashame wanaume waJaluo?” Adhis challenged without any hint of remorse.

Adhis also thanked her ex for the support during a trying time in her life, but she vehemently denied any accusations of financial irresponsibility on her side.

She then emphasised that a partner’s financial support should not be seen as a commitment to continue the relationship and told the ex to move on.

Her response comes a few days after her ex had expressed feelings of betrayal, explaining how he had been the support structure for the flourishing comedian before her big break.

He also told a local media company that she had allegedly used up his cash before ending the relationship. He then warned that men shouldn’t expect anything in return for supporting a woman.

“Many women are dumping men who helped them for fun. I advise men interested in supporting their women through education or another form of empowerment to do it without having expectations.

Ladies, do it for fun. They find it fun to dump men who were invested in their lives and helped them achieve their dreams. So as a man, if you don’t want to be hurt, support your girlfriend and expect nothing,” he told Tuko.

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