“Usikasirike kuwachwa na bibi, mwanaake atakuacha hata ukiwa na pesa” – Pastor Kanyari tells men

Social media debates have been sparked by a widely shared video featuring Pastor Victor Kanyari, a controversial man of God, talking about his failed previous marriage to Betty Bayo.

Kanyari can be heard telling men in the video, which was taken during a previous church service, not to worry if their wives decide to leave.

“Usikasirike kuwachwa na bibi maana hata mimi niliachwa. Mungu ananionyesha, Kanyari wanawake wanaachanga mtu hata ukiwa na pesa. Anaacha V8 na Range Rover (Don’t be angry about being dumped by a wife because even I was left. God is showing me, Kanyari, that women leave someone even if they have money. She left a V8 and a Range Rover).”

In a heartfelt TikTok video last December, the pastor delved into the aftermath of the scandal, revealing the profound impact on his life, including the departure of his wife and children, financial losses, and the abandonment by co-workers.

“My wife left me. My wife and children left. Life became so hard. I just stayed with my parents. I lost money. My co-workers left me. But there is one thing I have refused to do, and that is to be discouraged,” Pastor Kanyari shared.

Kanyari is known for his involvement in a scandal where he was accused of soliciting money from congregants in exchange for prayers.

The scandal, previously exposed in an investigative report by Mohamed Ali and journalist John Allan Namu, led to a significant exodus from Pastor Kanyari’s church, influencing both his personal and professional life.

Notably, Betty Bayo clarified her marital status on the gospel reality show Oh Sister, asserting that she has never been married twice.

She highlighted her commitment to her current husband, Hiram Gitau, known as Tash, dismissing claims of a come-we-stay arrangement.

Pastor Kanyari, in response, maintained that he had fulfilled all requirements for an official marriage, including visiting her parents and paying dowry.

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