“Nilinunuliwa na mumama” – TikToker Tizian says a woman bought him new Audi

Kenyan TikToker Tizian, who is only 22 years old, shared the story of how he managed to purchase a car worth Ksh 7 million despite his young age.

During a recent interview with Obinna, King Tizian revealed that he received assistance from a stranger in acquiring his new Audi A7, in addition to his personal savings.

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According to him, this anonymous individual reached out to him through TikTok and offered their support. Initially, King Tizian had reservations, suspecting that the person might be a scammer.

Tizian Savage
Tizian Savage

However, his doubts were dispelled when she sent him money via Paypal, leading him to believe that she was a truly heaven-sent benefactor.

“Sijawai sema venye nilipata hii gari; it is my dream car; watu wanasema eti ningejenga nyumba; no gari was my priority. It cost Ksh. 7 million. Na nilisaidiwa kununua na mumama fulani, a black American, is my gifter and my good friend. It is an imported car,” King Tizian Savage said.

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King Tizian mentioned that his latest Audi A7, valued at Ksh 7 million, is not his first vehicle.

He previously owned an Audi A6, which he had to sell to the company as a write-off after it was damaged in an accident.

TikToker Tizian says a woman bought him new Audi
TikToker Tizian says a woman bought him new Audi

He revealed that he purchased his first car with earnings from TikTok, while his second car was acquired through personal savings and assistance from an unidentified woman.

“My first car was my Audi A6. After the crash, Iliandikwa wrote me off, and I was refunded the money, and then the people who came to my live kulikuja tuh mtu out of nowhere were a lady who wanted to support me.

Most of them know her name, Nilipandisha Live. She is a black American. She asked me for my PayPal, and I told her that I wanted to buy a new one. That’s when she said she would top up the money I was being refunded.” King Tizian explained.

The rise of Tizian Savage

Tizian Savage rose to fame from being a boda boda rider in Nakuru.

The young man, whose hunk looks have attracted the attention of many women, always shared videos wearing boda boda riders gear posing next to his motorbike.

A section of women have been drooling over his looks, with some even begging to get pregnant for him.

The lad is giving women sleepless nights, with many thirsting over him.

Tizian Savage
Tizian Savage

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