TikTok deletes Moya David’s account with 4.7 million followers

Dancer Moya David suffered a severe blow to his career when he lost his 4.7 million-follower TikTok account.

Moya David was the most followed Kenyan on TikTok, the Chinese-owned platform, with 4.7 million followers.

Speaking up about losing his TikTok account, Moya was interviewed by YouTuber Trudy Kitui.

The amazing dancer expressed disappointment, claiming that he had hardly ever broken community guidelines and that all of the content on his TikTok account was clean.

“If you lose account like that yenye iko na following, I just feel disappointed kwa sababu if you look at my content ni clean content my the way, I rarely do stuff mbaya mbaya on TikTok, I rarely go live and stuff like so I don’t really know the reason why the account has been banned, I am following to know,” Moya lamented.

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Moya further disclosed that he did not receive any warning from TikTok prior to the social media company banning his account.

“They should at least come up with a strategy maybe when they are banning account they have to go to your email talk to you tell you this and this and stuff like that. They should have a strategy, before they do something at least they should notify you. But for me to be honest my account has never gotten any warning, I don’t think I have violated anything and if I have I think ni minor tu,” he said.

Moya David opens up on his journey to fame - The Standard Entertainment

David Moya additionally stated that people will be discouraged from using TikTok if the company bans popular accounts without any prior warning.

“But I am just disappointed by TikTok because I think there is a proper way of going around the whole thing – the banning and everything. Since I am the most followed TikToker like ukiona ata TikTokers wengine wanafeel like ‘ahh kumbe hii kitu you can just go gain followers ukishafika uko kileleni then you are brought down again’. I don’t have much to say, I just feel disappointed,” he remarked.

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The dancer stated that he had no clue if his account was targeted by people with ill motives who reported him leading to the ban.

“If there are people targetting me well and good, you know mimi si mtu wa mambo mengi. I still have the fan base yenye mumeona,” he said.

Fresh start
Moya David stated that he would pick up the pieces and start again if TikTok refuses to reverse the ban on his popular account.

“Kama haitarudi we start all over again, we have the fanbase najua mafans wangu wako hapo so we start all over again,” Moya exuded confidence.

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