“Love is mannerless” – Pastor T Mwangi’s advice on marrying older people

Pastor T Mwangi, the Lead Minister of Life Church Limuru and The Gathering of Champions, has sparked a storm with a sermon about ideal partners.

An undated video of Pastor T preaching on marriage and relationships is doing rounds on social media thanks to the thought-provoking message.

The celebrity preacher said that anyone below the age of 25 had no business whatsoever being in any romantic relationship.

“Age for dating, anyone below the age of 25 please focus on academics. Please, I am just saying please, why? There is a maturity that comes even with age. Are we together?” he said.

Pastor T further cautioned against marrying certain types of older people, saying that couples should be mindful of the age bracket.

He stated that people in their 30s shouldn’t date or marry someone in their 50s.

“Pastor, can I marry a person older than me? The age bracket matters also. You can’t bring a 50-year-old and you are 30,” Pastor T said.

Pastor T Mwangi's advice on marrying older people
Pastor T Mwangi’s advice on marrying older people

The celebrity preacher additionally stated that men can marry older women, revealing that his wife Claudia Kabi Wahito is older than him.

“Love is mannerless so you can love anyone. To enjoy life at least five years above is better, agemate is good, for men if she is older than you it is also good. But if you are older than her it is better. My wife is older than me with one month, with just one month,” Pastor T said.

The preacher disclosed that his older wife was controlling when they first got married.

“And then the background of my wife is that she grew in a home of boys who are taller than her and she used to give them orders. So when we got married sometimes alikua anasahau I am not her brother,” Pastor T said.
Fiery sermons

Pastor T is not new to delivering fiery sermons that permeate conversations on social media and beyond.

In November 2023, the celebrity cleric made headlines all over when he claimed that he exposed himself to the HIV virus and came out unscathed and healthy.

Speaking during a sermon, Pastor T recalled that before he gave his life to Christ he engaged in unholy coitus with at least two women who were HIV positive only for him to test negative when he checked his status.

Reacting to the storm sparked by his seemingly science-defying revelation, Pastor T said the context of his message was misinterpreted.

His startling confession aside, the preacher also clashed with Karen Nyamu due to his hard-hitting sermon.

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