Tensions as Zari Hassan blasts blogger for paying her husband for insider information

Tanzanian blogger Mange Kimambi has come under fire from Ugandan businesswoman Zari Hassan, who claims that the blogger paid her husband Shakib to reveal personal information about her.

On February 28, 2024, Zari Hassan accused Mange Kimambi of hypocrisy and obsession in a harsh post titled “Petty Wednesday.”

The main thrust of Zari’s argument was that, although Kimambi presented herself as a critic, she actually had an unhealthy obsession with her own life.

Zari claims that Kimambi paid a substantial amount—at least $1000 (Sh146,00)—to get her estranged husband Shakib to participate in an interview on her platform.

“Ohh simpendi bi tuks but u paid a whole $1000 to someone to give you tea about me. Tell me you’re my one fan, without telling me you’re so obsessed with me. So invested in my life.

“With that obsession, u can kill someone. Here is the best part, even after editing, you came out with nothing. He couldn’t give you what you wanted. Baby send me roses with some of that money. If nionyeshe nakupenda bila kuniambia unanipenda was a person,” Zari Hassan said.

This revelation prompted Hassan to mockingly quip about Kimambi’s alleged obsession, highlighting the apparent futility of her efforts to unearth scandalous details.

Zari’s reaction comes hot on the heels of Mange Kimambi’s invitation to her followers to watch the controversial interview with Shakib, a move that further exacerbated tensions between the parties involved.

The unfolding drama unfolds against the backdrop of Zari Hassan’s admission that her marriage to Shakib is in jeopardy.

While many speculated that the infamous video featuring Hassan and her ex-partner, Diamond Platnumz, precipitated their marital discord, Hassan maintains that underlying issues had already strained their relationship.

Addressing the situation, Hassan elucidated that the video merely exacerbated existing tensions, with Shakib feeling disrespected by the public display of affection.

She acknowledged the challenges they’ve faced, attributing their decision to part ways temporarily as a means to navigate their tumultuous relationship.

The mother of five also tendered an apology for her actions, expressing remorse for any hurt caused to Shakib.

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