Stivo Simple Boy launches new company after exploitation from previous management

Famous performer Stivo Simple Boy is moving up after revealing that he is in contact with his former manager about providing refreshments for Freshi Barida.

The Freshi Barida hitmaker disclosed that he founded his own record label in an interview posted on YouTube by Bennie Experience.

“Saa hii nikona kikosi changu kinaitwa Simple Boy Entertainment. Kuna producers wawili na event organisers sehemu mbali mabli, (Now I have my own team under Simple Boy Entertainment. There are two producers and event ogranisers in different places),” he said.

Simple Boy added that he’s getting help with songwriting and said he will release his song as soon as he gets his social media accounts back.

He pointed out that they are currently having talks on pursuing a deal that will see Freshi Barida drink retailing in shops.

Simple Boy however added that if his manager is willing to pay him the requested amount, he will give him exclusive copyright to the Freshi Barida tag.

“Tunaongelea Freshi Barida juice. Kama haitawezeka hio neno ya Freshi Barida itakuwa ni yangu. Kama watanilipa nitawaachia hio neno kama watanilipa hela ambazo nataka, kama hatanilipa, hilo neno nitakuwa nalo, (We are talking about Freshi Barida Juice. If it will not be possible I will sell the Freshi Barida tag. If not, I will keep my tag, unless they give me the amount I requested for),” he said.

The musician also added he will go to court should they fail to reach an agreement on the same so they can work it out legally.

Simple Boy recently clarified that he has never dated any of the women who claimed to be his lovers in the past.

He admitted he was chasing clout and also added that women find him very handsome and are enchanted by his charming looks.

Netizens commended him for his confidence with the majority vowing to support him in his music endeavors.

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