Eric Omondi now wants Brian Chira jailed: “Afungwe iwe funzo kwa wengine”

Eric Omondi has reacted in response to the arrest of popular Tiktoker Brian Chira, who was detained for allegedly defaming online personality Azziad Nasenya.

In his remarks to vloggers, Eric emphasized that Chira should go to prison for harassing Azziad online.

“Ashikwe, ashikwe ikue funzo kwa wengine. People are misusing social media to insult, to bully. People have gone to depression because of bullying. People are not just free to go online and expose people’s numbers. Ashikwe fungwe mbaka akue funzo,” Eric Omondi said.

“Si mi hutoa watu, huyo Chira a apologize ama afungwe. Mi ndo hutoa watu kwa jela for the first time it is very bad,” he added.

“Kuna watu walikua wanakutag wakisema uende umtoe (there were people who tagged you saying you should bail him out),” A reporter asked Eric Omondi,

The comedian said he couldn’t bail Chira out until he apologises to Azziad.

“Siwezi mtoa lakini staki pia afungwe. Namwambia aombe msamaha na akue funzo kwa wengine. The fact that I have 4 million followers on Instagram doesn’t mean I can just bully people. People are being bullied, people are being body shamed. You can’t just switch on your TikTok and say anything you want, you cannot. There are cyberbullying laws and I know people who have killed themselves on Facebook because wanatukanwa, wanaambiwa ‘oh unakaa vibaya,tutakuua nini’ and it’s not right,” Eric lamented.

He added; “Brian Chira ukiapologise to Azziad mimi personally ntakuja leo nikutoe. Apologize and in your apology encourage social media users to avoid bullying, to avoid body shaming, to avoid threatening people.”

Eric further said that he would go to the police station with a draft MOU and a contract which Brian Chira must sign before he can help him.

“Ntakuja kumtoa na MOU na contract, a sign atakua ambassador wa anti-cyberbullying. Mi ndo hutoa watu jela, ukiapologise leo ntachukua online media nkuje nkutoe leo.”
Defamatory statements

Speaking during an interview with Mungai Eve, Azziad’s lawyer identified as Gertrude Kibare stated that Chira was arrested in Nakuru before he was booked into a police station near Wilson Airport.

She claimed Chira used defamatory statements against Azziad through his TikTok on a live session recorded last week.

The controversial content creator is also accused of sharing Azziad’s personal contacts with his audience.

“Some time last week he went live online and also shared Azziad’s contacts. My client has been buzzed with a lot of calls and messages since then. Chira allegedly committed computer misuse and cyber crimes and my client decided to pursue the matter legally. The matter is under investigation,” the advocate stated.

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