“Nikipata watoto na mke wangu, nitashukuru mungu” – Guardian Angel declares

Guardian Angel, a well-known Kenyan gospel performer known for his soul-stirring melodies, recently talked openly about the difficulties he encountered after getting married.

Guardian Angel and his wife have remained loyal in their attachment to one another and their unique decisions despite facing severe public outrage and criticism.

He discusses having kids and how they handle societal pressure in an open interview with local media outlets on July 29. He instead chooses to emphasize their love and happiness.

When Guardian Angel first got married, the couple experienced severe public criticism. People were quick to criticize and query their decisions, inquiring as to when they might have kids.

“There was a heavy backlash when i first got married. Hao watu wako wapi sahi? Kila mtu anataka akuangalia kitu vile ameizoea.”

In response, Guardian Angel gracefully reminds everyone that each person’s life journey is unique and not subject to the expectations of others.

While Guardian Angel acknowledges that he listens to what people say, he emphasizes that he follows what God instructs him to do.

“Mimi huskiza watu, only that i don’t follow what people say . I listen to what God says and do what He says. Those things don’t affect us, man we enjoy life.

“For me i don’t even read those comments because i don’t have time for that. Kila mtu ako na maisha yake, kwa hivo wewe kama unataka mtoto tafuta,” he said.

Rather than letting the negativity affect their relationship, Guardian Angel and his wife choose to focus on their love and happiness.

Guardian Angel with Esther Musila
Guardian Angel with Esther Musila

Guardian Angel’s genuine affection for his wife shines through as he proclaims that she means more to him than just someone to give him children.

Guardian Angel says he would gracefully embrace opportunity to have a child with his wife, but he also accepts the possibility that it might not happen.

“The best part about my marriage is that i love to be in my marriage. I love to love my wife. She means more to me than something to give me children. If i get an opportunity to have a kid with my wife, i’ll thank God, if i don’t its okay.” he said.

His outlook on life and marriage is one of acceptance and trust in God’s plan. He cherishes the children from his wife’s previous relationships as a part of their life and embraces the joy they bring.

“My wife has children that are part of my life. There are people who have gotten the opportunity to get married and have children but they’re not happy in their relationships,” he said.

Esther Musila has 3 kids form her previous marriage.

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