“Sio mimi” – Brian Chira disowns shocking Instagram Live video

Controversial TikToker Brian Chira has spoken out about a recent viral video that allegedly featured him disrobing during one of his live chats.

The video, which gained widespread attention over the weekend, led to intense scrutiny of the popular content creator.

Brian Chira, known for his unconventional online presence and antics, found himself at the center of controversy when the video in question circulated widely.

However, during an interview with YouTuber Presenter Ali, Chira vehemently denied his involvement in the video and expressed disbelief at his name being associated with it.

“Mimi? Nilifanya nini? Mimi?” Chira exclaimed, seemingly shocked by the allegations.

“Do you know what you’re talking about? What video are you talking about? I swear that was not me, and I have not seen any video.”

When pressed for more information, Chira insisted that he had no knowledge of the individual who closely resembled him in the controversial video.

Brian Chira has also opened up about his mental health struggles.

He acknowledged that he was not feeling mentally well and disclosed his intention to seek rehabilitation for three months to address his mental health concerns.

“I don’t think I am okay, am not well mentally, and I am actually taking myself to rehab. I will take myself to rehab for three months,” Chira stated.

Chira also addressed the issue of public perception and the reasons behind some people’s negative views of him.

He attributed the dislike to the sense of entitlement that some individuals had toward him, particularly regarding his public persona and the assistance he provides to others.

Particularly, addressing fellow Tiktoker, Nyako, he said:

“I say it is, and I do not like the entitlement some people have towards me. When they help people, don’t feel entitled. You want all the glory and entitlement some Kenyans have. She (Nyako) has been working tirelessly but not to help me,” Chira commented.

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