Samidoh offers wise advice words to fans on being successful

Mugithi sensation Samuel Muchoki a.k.a. Samidoh is under fire for giving advice on how to succeed in spite of setbacks.

Samidoh’s counsel was dismissed by some of his followers as overly simplistic, and they accused him of minimising the difficulties his estranged wife Edday Nderitu faced.

“A man is not great because he hasn’t failed. A man is great because failure hasn’t stopped him!” Samidoh had shared on social media.

Critics argued that Samidoh failed to fight for his marriage with Nderitu, choosing an easier path with Senator Karen Nyamu.

They accused him of advocating resilience while seemingly ignoring his relationship struggles.

Critics insisted that he has not taken responsibility for the marriage breakdown and is therefore not in a position to offer advice.

Some comments reflected the discontent:

  • Muthorny2: “Says a man who couldn’t keep his young family together but ended up being a Ben ten to a woman old enough to be his mum.”
  • Smu.thoni: “Since you are telling us you failed on the other side, can you rise up and never return?”
  • Felin_e254: “A young man who pushed away the wife of his youth because of an older woman.”

However, some supporters defended Samidoh, asserting his right to express opinions on life.

They highlighted that the singer is currently in Boston, Massachusetts, with their three children, attempting to make amends.

Supporters argued that Samidoh’s past relationship challenges should not overshadow his present decisions.

“If only we could hold the government accountable as much as we do people online,” one supporter remarked.

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