Standard Group boss Tom Japanni quits after 11 years

Tom Japanni, the Head of Radio at Standard Media Group, has quit the Mombasa Road station after 11 years of devoted service, signaling the end of an era.

Japanni revealed his departure from the station and thanked everyone for his time there in an emotional Instagram post. He also hinted at potential future opportunities.

“IT’S A WRAP. PREPPING FOR A NEW SEASON. A NEW CALLING,” he wrote, signifying the end of his chapter at Standard Media Group.

Japanni’s journey in the media industry spans over a decade, during which he played a pivotal role in shaping the radio landscape in Kenya.

With a wealth of experience, including a decade-long stint at the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Japanni who is known in the media circles as ‘TJ’ brought a unique perspective and leadership to Standard Media Group’s radio division.

Under Japanni’s guidance, Standard Media Group witnessed the establishment of two new radio stations, Spice FM and Vybz Radio, in addition to the flagship Radio Maisha.

His visionary leadership propelled these stations to new heights, earning accolades such as Radio Maisha’s recognition as the best radio station in Kenya at the 2023 Kuza awards.

Beyond his professional achievements, Japanni’s legacy extends to the mentorship of top radio personalities, including Alex Mwakideu, Mwende Macharia, Ali Kauleni, and Emmanuel Mwashumbe, among others.

His guidance and support have been instrumental in shaping the careers of many prominent figures in the industry.

Surprisingly, Japanni’s departure comes amidst a trend of radio personalities making moves to new platforms, with many opting to join Radio 47, a new station owned by Cape Media.

Notable figures such as Billy Miya, Mbaruk Mwalim, Beatrice Maganga, and Lynda Oriaso have all made the switch from Radio Maisha to Radio 47, citing new opportunities and challenges.

Even Alex Mwakideu, a household name in the radio industry, recently made the leap to Radio 47, where he now co-hosts the morning show with Emmanuel Mwashumbe.

These transitions signal a shift in the media landscape, with radio personalities seeking fresh avenues for growth and innovation.

Despite his departure from Standard Media Group, Japanni leaves behind a lasting legacy and a profound impact on the radio industry in Kenya.

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