Popular Controversial Bishop David Gakuyo Arrested at JKIA

Bishop David Kariuki Ngare, a televangelist and the founder of Ekeza Sacco, has said that detectives are holding him at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) without cause.

On Wednesday, Gakuyo added that as he was getting ready to leave the nation for an unidentified location, the detectives harassed him.

In an internet-shared self-recorded video, the controversial preacher asserted that he had no idea why he had been arrested.

Bishop David Gakuyo
Bishop David Gakuyo

He accused the police of a witchhunt, adding that he was afraid of his rights being violated. However, he looked forward to being arraigned and charges being preferred against him.

“They say I cannot leave the country. I’m at JKIA. I just think there is some revenge somewhere. I’m happy I might get an opportunity to see the judge and be told on what case I have. Right now I’m at the DCI airport,” Gakuyo claimed in the short video.

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