Andrew Kibe wins Social Media African Star of the Year award

Andrew Kibe, a controversial content maker, has added another award to his collection after winning an international award in South Africa.

Kibe was named the South African Social Media Awards’ Social Media Star of the Year, defeating other creators such as Shank Comics, Nicolette Mashile, and William Last Krm.

Tom Mboya represented the absentee content author.

Kibe thanked his representation and acknowledged the team behind the event in his address, which was posted via his official X account (previously Twitter), and vowed to create bigger and better ventures in the future.

“Thank you @pmboya for the powerful speech, the stage suits you. @Ngeo_T this award belongs to you…You did it. @MacdukeTS thank you for being our SA plug, we need more Yafreekans like you. Africa Social Media Star of the Year has a nice ring to it.

“Good job to you and your time for making the stream work under all that pressure. To bigger n better! Yafreeka to the world,” he wrote.

Kibe, known for his controversial takes on Kenyan celebrities and their way of life, ventured into full-time content creation after his exit as a radio presenter.

Immediately after his resignation from his radio job, the creator moved to the United States (US) and found footing in content creation.

The US-based creator creates live sessions on his social media accounts to discuss emerging issues with his followers.

During his nomination for the international award, the content creator expressed shock noting that his first award would be coming from a foreign country.

“In all those years of producing content my first ever nomination and it had to come from outside Kenya,(SIC)” Kibe said at the time.

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