Actress Wilbroda Shares Qualities She Wants in a Life Partner

Jacquey ‘Wilbroda’ Nyaminde, a radio presenter and content creator, shares her ideal soul mate qualities in an interview with Lynn Ngugi, emphasizing friendship as the foundation for long-term relationships.

She believes that while love and excitement may fade, a strong friendship endures.

“For me, it’s important to start with friendship because sometimes love and excitement diminish, but friendship lasts forever,” explained Nyaminde.

Wilbroda Says She's Ready to Fall in Love
Wilbroda Says She’s Ready to Fall in Love

Papa Shirandula actress and Milele FM presenter Jacqueline Nyaminde ‘Wilbroda’

Nyaminde values a partner who shares her love for God and is open-minded about spiritual matters.

She appreciates someone with whom she can engage in challenging discussions about faith.

“I prefer someone who is open-minded and with whom we can sit down and discuss the Bible,” she shared.

Being a travel enthusiast herself, Nyaminde desires a partner who shares her passion for exploring new destinations.

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Finding a companion who enjoys travelling as much as she does would be a significant advantage for her.

Papa Shirandula actress and Milele FM presenter Jacqueline Nyaminde ‘Wilbroda’


Nyaminde believes in mutual contributions to the household’s well-being. She metaphorically describes her role as providing milk and expects her partner to contribute equally, such as by providing bread.

“I will bring the milk, but I won’t take on all the responsibilities. For example, if we go out for lunch, I might suggest that you buy the drinks while I purchase the food,” she explained.

Nyaminde values a partner who serves as a positive role model for her son and someone her son can rely on.

While she clarified that her son already has a father figure, she seeks a partner who can be a supportive friend to her child.

Nyaminde emphasised that while these qualities are essential to her, she is also open to discovering additional attributes in a potential partner as their relationship progresses.

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