Sheila Wegesha’s first husband agrees to bury her after being killed by 2nd husband

A candlelight vigil was held in honor of Sheila Wegesha, who is believed to have been killed by her husband, and hundreds of people attended.

Sheila was a businesswoman, and it’s thought that her husband, Jack Bamboo, who is still missing, killed her by stabbing.

Ohangla performers and their supporters gathered in large numbers at an event on Wednesday, May 22, at Egesa Villa, to pay tribute to the late dancer.

Wegesha’s first marriage’s family and close friends arranged the widely reported event.

While some of the grieving revelers watched on, her husband and teenage daughter were also reaching for a candle.

The dancer’s burial was scheduled for Tuesday, and the event served as a fundraiser for it.

Before her body is returned home for burial, Wegesha’s nephew Jano says that family and friends in Nairobi will have the opportunity to view it.

He disclosed that Wegesha’s first husband, Odoyo, resides in Kanyada and has amiably consented to bury her.

“When a lady dies among the Luo, she is buried at the home of the man who paid dowry for her. In this case, Bamboo was just a boyfriend,” he said.

He explained that Bamboo had never taken any dowry to her home, which would have been used to return the cows given by the first

Ms Odoyo, who goes by the stage name Sheila Wegesha, was found in a pool of blood in her matrimonial home in the posh Hill View Estate on Thursday, May 9.

“The lifeless body was lying on a bed in her bedroom with blood on the mattress and a deep cut visible on her throat,” a police report said.

Faith Ngina, a former student of Mahiga Girls High School, was found dead

Ms Odoyo’s daughter, Linda Okinyi, told officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) that she learnt of her mother’s death on Thursday afternoon when she went to serve her lunch.

Ms Okinyi further informed the detectives that her father, who is being treated as a person of interest by the detectives, had left home at about 1am on Wednesday in a Mitsubishi Outlander, without saying a word.

Ms Odoyo is said to have owned a liquor store in Umoja estate, which she ran with the help of her husband.

She was popular in the popular Ohangla dance clubs in Nairobi and its environs.

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