Famous but broke! Henry Desagu Reveals how much earned from YouTube

The Prince of Mwihoko, Henry Desagu, has revealed the highest amount he has ever made from his YouTube channel.

Speaking during an interview with Obinna TV, Desagu estimated the amount to be 400,000 ksh.

“The highest per month is 400,000 ksh.” Desagu disclosed.

“Watu wengi hawajuangi vile YouTube hua ina pay… Because sometimes inadepend na length ya video…umefanya video ngapi hii season…zimewatchiwa aje thus watchtime…and then a times kunatokeanga statictics worldwide unaambiwa vile mtu akiwa Kenya si vile mwenye ako nje ya Kenya analipwa.”

The creator primarily earns from advertising on YouTube, posting on social media and encouraging fans to subscribe.

Henry Desagu Reveals how much earned from YouTube
Henry Desagu Reveals how much earned from YouTube

He uses small scripts to explain the character’s struggles and daily struggles.

“We used to do a small script to keep up with Desagu, and then we created a character named Desagu, which was jamaa anagrow Mwihoko hajaoa na hana kazi permanent ni basically about struggles of what we are going through, on a daily basis.” Desagu shared.

Desagu Takes A Break From Social Media To Recharge

The content creator Henry Desagu announced he was taking a break from creating content on social media.

He explained that he decided to take a hiatus to recharge and refocus his creative energy.

As a leading content creator, Desagu says he wants to take the time to observe the evolving online landscape and adapt his approach accordingly.

This break will allow him to brainstorm new ideas and potentially rebrand himself to stay relevant in the ever-changing world of online content.

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