Shaffie Weru says he used to earn Ksh1.1M monthly salary at Homeboyz radio

Shaffie Weru, a well-known figure in Kenyan media, has talked candidly about his thriving past as a radio host.

The former Homeboyz radio host disclosed that he was being paid Ksh1 million in an interview with the Mic Cheque podcast.

“Just before tax, I made about Ksh1.1 million, and that was back in the day, naongea 2006. Pesa ilikua. Money back in the day ilikua partying, buying big cars, and then nilipata watoi mapema. And you know my first born is in uni, just calculate, 18 years ago, so nilikua nalipa school fees pia,” he stated.

 Shaffie Weru says he used to earn Ksh1.1M monthly salary
Shaffie Weru says he used to earn Ksh1.1M monthly salary

Shaffie Weru, Neville, and DJ Joe Mfalme were fired from their breakfast show in March 2021 for insensitive remarks about Gender Based Violence, citing a complicated issue rather than his commentary.

“The reason I was fired you need to understand was never about the tweets or the people, it was about the companies that were spending money on me because I was a very big presenter. Their customers were the ones attacking me, so they also started attacking the companies,” Shaffie shared.


“When Covid hit, one of our key presenters, GMoney, contracted the virus, and with a shortage of staff, someone had to step in. Meanwhile, I was heading Homeboyz radio, transitioning it from Homeboyz Entertainment to Radio Africa. That’s when the trouble began.”

Shaffie disclosed that his termination occurred just two days after his return to radio following a year-and-a-half break from mainstream media.

“It actually happened two days after I got back on the radio. I had not been on mainstream radio for like a year and a half, since 2020. Now in 2021 when I got back and did the breakfast show with DJ Joe Mfalme and Neville, that’s when I got fired,” he told a local blogger.


“My big mouth and overzealous opinion caught up with me.”

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