“I failed you” – Nicki Bigfish says after losing his father

Prankster Nicki Bigfish has announced the death of his father who has been in the hospital for the past few months.

Nicki’s father was battling a cancerous head tumour.

Taking to his Instagram page, the known digital content creator revealed that his father had succumbed to the illness despite his efforts to take him home well.

“Mzee amesema itakua vizuri akitutangulia. I promised to take you back home walking but I’ll take you back in a box. I failed you. Pole,” Nicki expressed.

Friends and fans flocked to his comment section to express their love and condolences.

eddiebutita: My condolences brother, you tried your best, May God guide you and family through this tough time, it shall be well.

diana_marua: It is well ❤️🙏🏼❤️

abelmutua: My Condolences Champ! You didn’t fail though. That is exactly how it was destined to be. May The General Rest In Power.

iamatieno: You did not fail.. You did all you could, kadri uwesavyo.. May his soul rest in Eternal Peace 🕊️🕊️ my condolences my friend

mulamwah: pole sana kaka 🙏🙏

nasrayusuff: You did not fail him!!!you stood with him and with your family even when you weren’t okay yourself nick. I am so very sorry …may Mzee rest in peace😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

djshiti_comedian: Waaa!! Maze Bro Poleni Sana

yycomedian: Pole sana…may God rest his soul in peace…🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Nicki Bigfish’s father has been in the hospital since October 2023.

While expressing his gratitude to the people who supported him during the challenging times, the prankster shared a video of his father in a hospital bed.

He revealed that the old guy was suffering from a cancerous head tumour.

“Nasema asante sana to everyone who’s helped me through this difficult moment,” he wrote.

“My dad has a cancerous head tumour we are waiting for surgery early next year inshallah,” Nicki shared.


“Ile mbongi imeniokolea na bado ina zidi Nashukuru sana 🙏🏽 ,” his post read.

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