“I call him daddy” – Mary Biketi, woman ‘warming’ Oparanya’s bed finally speaks

Mary Biketi has denied leaking photos of her and the former Kakamega governor Wycliffe Oparanya.

The polygamous Luhya politician was forced to speak after he trended for days. In a video shared by Mary, Oparanya admitted the photos were genuine and wondered why someone would leak them to the public.

“I have seen someone circulating genuine photos. I don’t know why someone would waste time circulating them. It is very unfortunate that wherever I took those photos, they leaked them to the press. Those are very decent photos and I don’t know the interest that people have when you have taken photos with a loved one,” he said.

The politician also denied being hospitalised, slamming those spreading rumours.

“…And there is now fake news I am in the hospital, I am sick, and here I am. I have a big family to protect. Those sending out fake news should stop,” he said.

Mary and Oparanya had spent a few days in Mombasa and reached the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on the evening of Monday, April 29.

Mary Biketi, woman 'warming' Oparanya's bed finally speaks
Mary Biketi, woman ‘warming’ Oparanya’s bed finally speaks

They were dressed in coordinated white attire.

In an exclusive interview with TUKO, Mary expressed that she had received a mix of positive and negative feedback regarding the leaked photos. She mentioned their intention to pursue legal measures against the individual responsible for the leak.

Asked about his relationship with his other partners, she said:

“I am not a fraid. He is a polygamous man and I respect the other wives,” she said.

Mary admitted that after their photos went viral, they (including their families) had been affected by the bad publicity.

“My family is there, his political career, his other wives and children have been affected.”

After the photos emerged online, Mary’s ex-classmates came forward, claiming that she was Oparanya’s daughter, but she clarified why people thought so.

“I call him daddy, so maybe that is why they think so,” she said.

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