Sandra Dacha pleads with Kenyans to raise funds for Akuku Danger’s late sister

Sandra Dacha is asking Kenyans of goodwill to help raise funds for fellow comic Akuku Danger’s late sister who died this weekend.

In a poignant announcement, Dacha stated that circumstances are difficult and that Akuku’s family would welcome any kind of assistance.

“Receive my heartfelt condolences @itsakukudanger the Comedian it is really really sad to lose a loved one, especially at such a tender age.

Sicknesses shouldn’t be anyone’s portion. It is very sad😒 We are together in this osiepa. Take heart. God is faithful.”

Sandra wants a beautiful send-off for his sister and thus appealed to Kenyans to kindly support him when the time comes.

“I know times are hard but Kenyans cannot let you struggle alone like that. Tupatie paybill. Briannah Xavior must be given a decent send off🙏🏿” her plea on Instagram read.

Akuku announced her demise a day ago, with a video of the young girl dancing. She died of Sickle Cell Disease, a condition he also suffers from. Sharing his memory of her, he penned

“Woke up to the saddest News😭😭 My small siz Went To Be With The Lord Last Night.Like Me, she was born with sickle cell Disease and she succumbed to it. Rest Well Warrior, Nind gi kwe Merwa🕊️😭”

Read some of the comments below;

terencecreative Rest easy little sister 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

nasrayusuff 😢😢😢😢pole sana..😢😢

njorothecomedian Oooh Lord ,😭😭My condolences brother, you are in my thoughts and prayers ..

mulamwah Pole sana kaka 🙏🙏

hopekidhk May her soul rest in peace 🕊️🕊️ poleni sana

blessednjugush ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️May The Angel rest in peace

carolkipsutto Pole sana

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