“My life is in danger” – Akothee says after being attacked in Migori

Esther Akothee, a well-known businesswoman and entertainer, has revealed shocking information that has raised serious concerns about her safety. She claims that her life is in danger in Migori County.

The well-known singer, who is well-known for her charitable endeavors and active musical career, spoke about an alleged terrifying experience that took place at the Migori County Chief Finance Office, placing her and possibly her close friends in grave danger.

Through her disturbing post, Akothee made public what seems to be a well-thought-out intimidation strategy used by anonymous people.

She claimed that while visiting the county finance office, she was ambushed by goons. She says these attackers were waiting for her to leave via the main door, thinking she would use a different exit to get away from them.


But this move did not stop the assailants, who tried right away to stop her from leaving through the gate.

“MY LIFE IS IN DANGER ‼️ my life is in danger in Migori County I didn’t see this coming. Well if Migori politicians want to kill me don’t use goons to pass your information just shoot me,” wrote Akothee.

Further complicating the incident is her claim that county reinforcements arrived only to fraternize with the attackers, insinuating a disturbing level of complicity.

Following the attack, Akothee reported the incident at a local police station, where she and her team recorded statements before being escorted out of Migori.

“The county reinforcement came laughed with them and left them there saying they will show me dust in Migori

“We then drove directly to the police station. Recorded statements then escorted out of Migori,” said Akothee.

The ordeal forced her to cancel her plans to admit Form One students to schools, a testament to the impact of the threat on her philanthropic activities.

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