Edday Nderitu advises men not to abandon their children after breakup

No matter how they broke up with their baby mamas, Edday Nderitu, the estranged wife of Mugithi singer Samidoh, has warned men against abandoning their children.

Men who abandon their children and forget about them after breaking up with their partners have come under fire from Edday Nderitu.

In response to Bernice Saroni’s post criticizing men who neglect their children, Edday responded.

“This is very sad 😭, this is what men make their kids feel, may all dead beats never know peace, hugs baby boy ♥️” Edday wrote

Following a brief video featuring her youngest son, Kenyan promoter Bernice Saroni moved many people to tears and sparked intense conversations.

In a TikTok video, the two break down in tears as they discuss how the young man feels his father isn’t involved in his life.

During a conversation, Saroni inquired about Junior’s feelings regarding his fatherlessness. Junior is her youngest son.

The small child sobbed and said that, although he cannot recall his father’s face, he feels sad whenever he sees other children with their fathers.

When Edday saw the post, he immediately took offense and cursed men who break up with their ex-partners and leave their children behind.

Edday Nderitu
Edday Nderitu

A few others in the comment section echoed Nderitu’s views as they sent out their hugs to the little boy.

@Mwangi-wa-Maina: God may my kids never break down for me not being in their life,💔💔💔…. men we need to step up for our kids 🙏🙏🙏

@Wambuindiritu_official: if only men know how desperately these kids crave for their love😥😥

@DignifiedBeauty_faiy: you’re a great mum. This kid is already going through a lot. you can keep this private from the world. These are things people go to therapy for because of the amount of emotion and heaviness around it.

@Diana❤️:😭😭😭 I cried,, he misses his dad soo much, men why do u abandon yours babies 😭 look at the boy, he is so much stressed 😭

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