Rose Muhando finally addresses reports of conning Kenyan musician

Tanzanian gospel singer Rose Mhando has broken her silence on rumors that she missed a concert promise for which she was allegedly paid Sh200,000.
The Nibebe hitmaker addressed the allegations on his Instagram account and urged those with concerns to use legal means instead of relying on social media accusations.
In her post, Muhando acknowledged the challenges faced by public figures and warned against simply believing everything you hear about someone.
She highlighted her commitment to the ongoing activities in Nairobi and suggested that all complaints should be made through appropriate legal channels.

Muhando also pointed out that musicians rarely speak publicly about the challenges they face in their ministry and that they also experience persecution.

“When you are a public figure, many things will come your way, and you will be accused of many things. Do not easily believe everything you hear about someone.

In short, I am here in Nairobi, continuing with my meetings. If you have any claims, there are legal channels. We, as musicians, have never come out publicly to speak about the challenges we face in our services.

We, too, face persecution, and a significant percentage of us work closely with religious leaders. Therefore, if we are persecuted, it means we are persecuted by these religious leaders, but we do not complain. Now, I would like to stop here for what is ongoing.”

The controversy unfolded on December 4 when gospel singer Ali Mukhwana accused Muhando of deceiving him and conning him out of KSh 200,000.

Mukhwana, one of the organizers of a crusade where Muhando was expected to perform, alleged that Muhando accepted the payment but failed to attend the event.

Mukhwana claimed that they agreed with Muhando for her to be a guest artist at the crusade, and she demanded Sh200,000 as her fee.

Rose Muhando finally addresses reports of conning Kenyan musician
Rose Muhando finally addresses reports of conning Kenyan musician

However, he later discovered posters featuring Muhando promising to attend five other crusades on the same date.

Upon confronting Muhando, he alleged that she lied, claiming the other posters were fake and that she had only committed to his crusade.

Mukhwana further stated that pastors from other churches confirmed they had paid Muhando, and she had assured them of her attendance.

Expressing disappointment in Muhando, Mukhwana warned others against inviting her to their events, asserting that she was dishonest.

On the day of the scheduled crusade, Muhando reportedly did not show up, citing illness when questioned about her absence.

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