“Wakenya wamechoka na sisi” – Sleeping TikTok couple complains of low earnings

Viral sleeping TikTok couple Raymax and Maycee Ochieng popularly known as The Ray’s have revealed that currently they are not making as much earnings from their TikTok channel as they used to.

The couple is well known for going live on TikTok while in bed, then falling asleep leaving their followers watching them up until the wee hours of the morning.

Mrs Ray who also goes by Maycee, also revealed that she was fired after her and her hubby’s sleeping video went viral thus meaning that her source of income was cancelled out.

Maycee cried that Kenyan’s attention span was so fleeting that they were slowly moving from the fascination of watching them sleep day in and out.

“Right now I cannot say it is good. Kenyans get tired so fast with one content. For now we are not earning good,” started off the digital content creator.

She went on to gush over how Kenyans used to be so fascinated with them and would send gifts which would see them make up to Sh50k in just a week.

The couple was doing so well that they moved from the slums of Kibera to a two-bedroom apartment.

The TikToker highlighted people were fascinated by the sheer fact that she and her husband used to sleep all through the day because most people just sleep at night.

“I can remember there was a week we made over Sh.50,000. There was a day we woke up with Sh.20,000, the next day Sh.30,000 and Sh.10,000. People do sleep yes, they sleep at night, but for our case, they saw we also sleep during the day,” 

On his part Ray noted that things weren’t all rosy for the revealed they do get harsh comments and insults from netizens terming them as lazy and pointing out that the couple should get jobs.

But he believes sleeping for them is a job, and he is totally right because they earn from it.

He went on to challenge those calling them lazy to try sleeping all day and night and see if they could hack it since they think it is so easy.

“Some people think that it’s an easy thing, but it’s quite tiring to sleep during the day. Imagine sleeping for over six hours in one position because you have to face the camera. Sometimes I have to go off camera and stretch,” Ray said.

Ray’s wife went on to add that the purpose of the videos was to spread love as they showcased their contentment with each other.

“On my side, I am trying to prove that there is still love among us and there is true love that you can share with everyone. 

Our content does not encourage people to be lazy but just to show the world that love should still be upheld high,” Maycee said.

However, the duo isn’t that worried as they are hopeful their earnings could increase as they have been approached by some companies for brand endorsements.

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