Prezzo collapses during the launch of Bahati’s new reality TV show

Prezzo, a well-known rapper from Kenya, collapsed during the highly anticipated launch of The Bahati’s Empire reality TV show at the Westwood Hotel in Nairobi.

The event, held on May 6, was attended by numerous celebrities and media personalities, and even Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua graced the occasion.

The atmosphere quickly changed when Prezzo suddenly collapsed, as captured in videos that have been reviewed by our news desk.

It appeared that he had a seizure, and attendees promptly came to his aid, providing immediate first aid while waiting for further medical assistance.

However, videos circulating online have sparked a debate regarding whether the first aid given to Prezzo was in line with standard medical procedures for managing seizures.

Celebrities who attend the grand launch of Bahati's reality show The Bahati's Empire on June 6, 2024.
Celebrities who attend the grand launch of Bahati’s reality show The Bahati’s Empire on June 6, 2024.

Critics argue that some actions taken may have been potentially harmful rather than helpful.

Prezzo’s management hasn’t issued an official statement on his condition, but fans and fellow artists have expressed prayers and well-wishes for his swift recovery.

Here are reactions from Kenyans:

@s_vyle: It’s clear that no adequate measure are taken in the organization of such events! Two things that should always remain a top priority are emergency medical service providers and security providers but these are the most ignored! Why??

@ModernKitchn: We need basic first aid programs all the nation na ikiwa kama ni lazima kama ID

@SuddySoud: Something is wrong somewhere. The other day it was Simple boy jana Prezzo…who is next??!!\

@iMuthembaa: There should be first responders in such activities

@NgachaMichael: I’m also wondering what a whole DP went to do there 🤔,but the nominated senator of the Finance bill was also there..wale walifanya hesabu can do 1+1 😊

Prezzo profile

Prezzo ventured fully into music in the early 2000s, and is one of the artists that revolutionized Kenya and the East African music industry.

He dropped his first album dubbed ‘Naleta Action’ in 2004. The album had several songs including; Let’s Get Down, Naleta Action, Mimi na Wewe, Mafans and Leo ni Leo.

For his success as a solo artiste, he founded the Cash Money Brother (CMB) that was made up of him, Nazizi and the late Feroze Hirji, brother to Nazizi. The group produced top hits and dominated local airwaves.

CMB faced stiff competition from Ogopa Deejays under the leadership of Lucas, Calif Records under Clemmo and Tedd Josiah’s team that included dynamic duo Gidi Gidi MajiMaji.

In his music journey, he worked with several artists that include; AY, Talia Oyando, Dogo Janja, Cannibal, Redsan and Victoria Kimani among others. In 2006, he made headlines after he spent nearly half a million on a music video dubbed ‘PREZZO’.

Back then, the cost of producing a video ranged below 50,000 shillings.

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