Karen Nyamu praises Samidoh for enrolling her kids in expensive schools

During the launch of the Bahati Empire reality TV show on Thursday, June 6, Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu addressed the audience, highlighting creatives’ success and their partner Samidoh’s case of paying for their children’s international school fees.

“My kids, my kids are in International schools. Na shule inalipwo by a creative. Si unajua baba ya watoto wangu? Na analipa International schools. The best in the country” she added.

“So you guys have huge potential Nyinyi ndio mnaweza kuwa masource of the country. We can all wish to be in that space because of the kind of money you can make”

She also pointed out Eddie Butita is an industry leader who should be emulated.

“Musiende hapo kucheka cheka na President and our leaders wa enjoy. You have an agenda Dont forget, and keep pushing until everything is all the deliverables because you have passionate leaders who you should take advantage of.

The politician has two children with her the Mugithi singer, Samuel Muchoki Jr, and Taraya Wairimu.

In a previous interview, Karen revealed the good relationship between her eldest daughter Tiana and the politician’s two baby daddies.

The mother of three revealed that her nine-year-old girl recognizes Samidoh (Karen Nyamu’s current boyfriend) and DJ Saint Kevin (Karen Nyamu’s first baby daddy) as her fathers.

The politician surrounded by many controversies said Teana calls both men ‘father’ and even talks to them regularly.

“She always calls both fathers, ‘Dad’. And I always tell her, ‘You are very lucky to have two fathers,'” Karen said.

Adding, “She always calls one and tells him ‘I want this, this and this,’ and then she calls the other one and tells him, ‘I want this and this.'”

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