Popular Mzungu man Frank Murugi dumps second wife, goes back to first Kenyan wife

Controversial Belgian content creator Frank Knarf has confirmed that he is still married to his Kenyan wife, Murugi and that they are in good terms.

In a question-and-answer session with his fans on Instagram, a fan asked about his divorce with Murugi and Frank denied the allegations, saying they are still together and in good terms.

Responding to another fan, Frank said he parted ways with his Brazilian wife Rahma who is turning 20 next month.

Frank said his intentions were not to hurt Murugi and he just fell in love and he let her know from the beginning. He however revealed that he wouldn’t let it happen again.

In April, the content creator celebrated his one year anniversary with Rahma. He shared a sweet message appreciating the memories he has made since he met Rahma one year ago.

Frank noted that their relationship had been faced with lots of ups and downs but their marriage was strong adding that they were inseparable.

Frank tattooed Rahma’s name on his neck and she reciprocated by getting his name tattooed on her hand.

In February, he moved to Belgium to be with Rahma after denying their relationship. Initially, Frank had shared that he was in love with Murugi his wife and Rahma was trying to destroy his relationship.

He however said that he has a choice to have as many women in his life and as long as he treats them all with love and respect, noone should be concerned.

Days later, Murugi confirmed breakup with Frank saying that she was focusing on raising her daughter Kenia.

Frank and 23-year-old Murugi got married two years ago in a private wedding ceremony.

Murugi is yet to comment on getting back together with Frank.

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