“Mimi sio rika yenu” – Pastor Nganga lectures Ruto allies who want to grab his land

James Ng’ang’a, a well-known pastor and the founder of Neno Evangelism, is involved in a heated legal dispute concerning the ownership of the property on which his church is located in Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD).

An unidentified politician is reportedly attempting to claim the prime property, which has caused the dispute to take a contentious turn.

The battles for Pastor Ng’ang’a started when Kenya Railways claimed ownership of the land along Haile Selassie Avenue, claiming it was part of a railway reserve.

As a result, in June 2023, the pastor filed a lawsuit to stop the government agency from evicting him.

The court has responded urgently to the case (ELCLc/E151/2021) and scheduled a hearing for November 7, 2023.

Ng’ang’a claims to have “bought this land in 2004 from the Central Bank of Kenya” for Sh42 million from Kenya Finance Investment Company, a company that was formerly known as Kenya Finance Corporation. He also promised to fight for ownership of the land in court.

Pastor Ng’ang’a addressed his congregation in an undated video that went viral recently, bringing attention to the growing conflict.

“There is a politician who I hear is fighting me. He has said that he will handle me,” the pastor revealed.

Emphasising his position, Ng’ang’a asserted, “Listen here, you politician, I will not mention your name, but understand one thing. I’m not your age mate. I was not in university with you. I repeat, I’m not your agemate. I was circumcised in 1972. If you take this field, know that God did not call me to service. You will burn in a plane crash,” he declared to applause from his congregation.

Ng’ang’a expressed his concerns about the politician’s intentions regarding the land adjacent to his church.

“I left Mombasa, and God led me to Nairobi. I set up the church in Fig Tree, Ngara, and later I came to this slot here in Town. Why is the piece of land next to mine not being touched? You want to take over my land and do with it what you did to Uhuru Park? Watch out. I can come with a gun,” warned the pastor.

The ongoing legal battle and the pastor’s stern warning have captured the attention of the public, raising questions about the intersection of property rights, political influence, and the role of religious institutions in urban spaces.

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