TikToker Nyako gives update on her deportation from Germany

TikToker Nyako told people who were celebrating her deportation that she would only be deported in their dreams, silencing them.

Nyako, a popular TikTok user from Germany, has altered her stance on being deported from the European nation.

Nyako shot down her previous claims, having previously stated in a live TikTok that she had been informed she was going to be deported and that her utilities had even been cut off.

Nyako claims that her children have prevented her from being deported and that she is even on the verge of obtaining German citizenship.

“I have been on another live stream now, claiming that I am being deported—in your dreams. Guys, I’m in Germany because of my children. My residence permit is because of my kids, and nothing can separate me from my children.

“Before you rush to deportation, I have qualified to be a German citizen, officially. So, that is my right. Drill it into your head,” confidently stated Nyako.

Earlier, the outspoken TikToker sent an appeal to Kenyans, asking for help to adopt her three children, claiming she was on the verge of deportation, with all documentation ready.

“I have been disconnected from electricity; I need assistance. They said I will be deported next weekend, so I don’t need electricity. My deportation papers are ready, and I don’t even have water.

“The deportation papers are ready, and I don’t know who will adopt my children,” Nyako said.

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