“Wanawake wananipenda!” – Pastor Ng’ang’a brags, says over 2K ladies wants him

Pastor James Ng’ang’a, a controversial well-known pastor, consistently trends and without even trying, something that other celebs may take a leaf from.

The man of God has revealed how he was the hottest thing this side of the Nile in the umpteenth film of him going viral again.

The 71-year-old revealed in a TikTok video tweeted by @itsbenaa that he was not even considering ushers or women from social media in his calculation of the plethora of women that desired him.

“Wanawake wale walikuwa wananitaka mimi ni kama 2,000 hivi. Bila kuweka ushers, bila kuweka wale was social media na social distance, whatever, (The number of women who wanted me is like 2000 not including the female ushers and those on social media, whatever),” he said.

As usual, Ng’ang’a’s revelation divided many Kenyans with some wondering what made him such a hot cake.

Others found his disclosure rather incredulous and saw it as simple exaggeration and bragging.

Below are some of the comments from social media users:

evergreen But for real this man is handsome.msijifanye hamuoni…..

Emmy Aimy 🤣🤣🤣 wako wapi sahizi, I always feel sorry for his wife

user2960249505781 mpaka social distance huyu na stevo simple boy 🤣🤣🤣

tituslioyd usher’s hits different,kumaanisha ni juzi tuu😂😂😂😂

jedidah yuko serious

angelinahmwabili hehehehe

user3152525093141 yawa aki wewe kwani were you a slay queen??😂🤣😂

This video comes a few days after the pastor trended over another TikTok clip he was featured in.

The controversial man of God confessed that he didn’t really have an extensive knowledge of God, despite his role as a spiritual leader.

His reason for that was also very peculiar…He said that he feared that going too deep into the Bible could potentially lead to his premature death.

“I don’t know God too much. And I am not interested in knowing him because he would take me,” he explained.

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