Nurse Judy: How I ruined my marriage by sleeping with Murugi Munyi’s husband

Judy Maina, also known as Nurse Judy, has revealed details about her romantic involvement with Murugi Munyi’s husband.

The scandal came to light in November 2022 after blogger Edger Obare exposed conversations between Nurse Judy and Zach, Murugi’s husband.

During an interview with Mungai Eve, Nurse Judy explained the sequence of events that led to her affair with Zach and how they were eventually caught.

Judy decided to speak out about her relationship with Zach to address the negative perception of her as the villain who betrayed her own spouse and caused the breakdown of Murugi’s marriage.

“When it came out ilikua inaniweka mimi as a bad person so I had to give my side of the story. Venye hio story ilikuja ilikua inaonyeshana tu like venye tu like I am the bad person mi ndo nimebreak my own home na nkaenda nkabreak another person’s home,” she said.

Nurse Judy absolved herself from allegations of ruining Murugi’s marriage, claiming that by the time she started having an affair with Zack his marriage was already on the rocks.

She added that Zack and she hooked up because they had both been cheated on by their spouses.

“What people didn’t know this other home was already broken coz the person there was already cheating on the husband, sasa the husband mwenye nilicheat na yeye, the woman was already cheating na pia mimi my husband was already cheating.

Nurse Judy
Nurse Judy

Nurse Judy further disclosed that her clandestine affair with Zack was exposed after a friend shared screenshots of their conversations and spoonfed Edgar Obare with the juicy gossip.

“It was like a friend told a friend. My friend alikua na screenshots, he took so many pictures of my conversation with Zach. And then sasa huyu beste wangu akashare na beste yake. Rafiki yake hakua anapenda Yummy Mummy and she is the one who shared the screenshot with Edger na Yummy Mummy herself,” she said.

Judy noted that she couldn’t deny she had cheated on her husband with Zack because of the damning evidence that implicated her.

“You can deny kwanza kama hakuna receipts. Mimi I was exposed in a way that mbaka kulikua na receipts, yani clearly ndo hizi,” she said.

Nurse Judy
Nurse Judy

Judy had to fly to Tanzania to apologize to her husband in a bid to save her marriage.

“Tulicut communications [na Zack] kabisa kabisa sasa hapa nko tu najaribu kudeal na familia yangu tuone kama we can make things right at least coz we have a beautiful family sikua na imagine after 12 years of being together.”

The cheating happened while she was staying in Kenya with her children while her husband had just moved to Tanzania after landing a lucrative job.

Judy ultimately quit her job in Kenya and joined her husband in Tanzania but the ghosts of the affair still managed to bring down her marriage.

“Sasa nikiwa TZ kukawa na a lot of back and forth still on the same story, ikafika point ikakua inanidrain ndo sasa eventually we had a big fight still around the same story. We had that big fight ndo sama nkasema I am done na nkaondoka,” Judy said,

After breaking up with her husband, Nurse Judy relocated to the US to hustle. She moved on with another man as her hubby also got someone else to warm his bed.

Nurse Judy and her husband separated for one year before they rekindled their love and got back together.

“Hii separation ya one year really helped a lot. We separated for one year, he moved on with another woman I moved on with another man,” she stated.

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