“Waliiba mwili ya mzee” – Manzi wa Kibera still mourning her late boyfriend

Manzi wa Kibera, also known as socialite Shariffa Sharon Wambui, has expressed her dissatisfaction with the burial of her alleged husband, Mzae Nzuki, whose real name is Samuel Nzioki Ndunda.

Taking to social media on Tuesday, May 7, 2024, Manzi wa Kibera called upon Mzae’s family and her own management to be honest about the situation.

She firmly believes that both parties were involved in the unauthorized removal of the deceased’s body from the mortuary.

“Mzee was stolen by his family and my management at the mortuary. They can say their side of the story if my statement does not stand well with them,” Manzi wa Kibera wrote.

Manzi wa Kibera still mourning her late boyfriend
Manzi wa Kibera still mourning her late boyfriend

The socialite was referring to an interview she did with Obinna where she first claimed that Mzae’s body was stolen from the mortuary.

“Mushazika Mzae?” Obinna asked Manzi wa Kibera.

“Aliibiwa mocha Obinna,” she replied.

Obinna burst out laughing at Manzi wa Kibera’s revelation that Mzae’s body was stolen from the mortuary.

“What do you mean ati aliibiwa mocha?” Obinna probed.

“They stole Mzae and they just buried him haraka haraka tu,” Manzi wa Kibera explained.

“Ok, who stole Mzae where?” Obinna posed.

“My management in conjunction with Mzae’s family,” Manzi wa Kibera clarified.

“Waliiba Mzae?” Obinna sought more clarification.

“Waliiba Mzae wakamzika within an hour. Nilionyeshwa video Obinna,” Manzi wa Kibera expounded.

The 67-year-old man whose relationship with socialite Manzi Wa Kibera garnered attention, was laid to rest at Lang’ata Cemetery in Nairobi on May 1.

Why Manzi Wa Kibera missed her ex-boyfriend’s burial

Despite her past relationship with Nzuki, Manzi Wa Kibera chose not to attend the funeral. Chali wa Kibera, her manager, took to Instagram to provide an update on the situation, revealing that neither he nor Manzi Wa Kibera received an invitation to the burial.

The family’s decision to keep the event private meant that even close associates like Chali and Manzi Wa Kibera were not included.

In his Instagram video, Chali wa Kibera clarified the reason behind their absence. He emphasized that the family intended to avoid media attention during the funeral proceedings.

Manzi wa Kibera still mourning her late boyfriend
Manzi wa Kibera still mourning her late boyfriend

Chali expressed his understanding, acknowledging the family’s concern that their presence might attract press coverage, which they wished to avoid.

“I just want to inform you that Mzee Nzuki was buried today at Lang’at Cemetery. There was no media presence because the family didn’t want media attention. They just wanted to give him a decent sendoff off cameras.

“Manzi wa Kibera and I were not invited and I totally understand. They must have thought we would go there with the press. We will find our own time to go and visit the grave. This they agreed,” Chali wa Kibera said.

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